3 Reasons Ponding on Flat Roofs Should Not Be Ignored

Flat roofs are popular for both commercial properties and homes, but they are vulnerable to specific issues that don’t impact sloped roofs. The main issue flat roofs face is ponding water. This occurs when water collects on a flat roof after rainfall or snow and is typically due to a poor drainage system. If left untreated, ponding water can lead to an array of structural problems.


In today’s post,  Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc., one of the top commercial roofing contractors in the region, discusses the consequences of ponding water on flat roofs.

1. Ponding Water Collects Dirt and Debris — As water remains stagnant on the roof surface, it will collect dirt and other floating debris, potentially resulting in the growth of vegetation. This should be addressed immediately before plants grow deep roots. Ponding water may also encourage the beginning of mud cracking on the roof surface.

2. Ponding Water Increases UV Rays — The surface of water acts like a mirror to the sun, increasing the exposure of your roof to damaging UV rays. This can cause the surface of the roof to deteriorate, leading to leaks and other serious issues.

3. Ponding Water Challenges Adhesives — Ponding water may also challenge adhesives or tapes used to build single-ply laps or attach roofing components. This issue compromises the structural integrity of your flat roofing system. It can also lead to photo-oxidation of the membranes and flashing.

It’s important to take care of your flat roof and not allow water to pond for more than 48 hours to maintain its service life and performance. If you’re searching for “roofing contractors near me,” Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. is here to assist you! Our company offers a wide range of exterior restoration services, including roof replacement and gutter installation, to homes and commercial businesses in the Pittsburgh area. Call our team at (412) 200-5331 or fill out our contact form to start a conversation with one of our specialists.

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