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New Shingled Roof and Slate Roof Repair in Squirrel Hill PA

Not every roofing project is a straightforward roof replacement. Sometimes a customer has a roof with a complicated design or a mix of roofing materials. This was the case for a Squirrel Hill PA historic home. The homeowner searched the internet for the most experienced roofing company in Squirrel Hill PA; Evans Roofing and Gutters came right up! Since we have expertise with a variety of roofing materials, we could help this homeowner restore and protect their beautiful home with both slate roof repairs and a shingle roof replacement.

The original slate roof had serious problems in several areas. The homeowner wanted to retain as much of the original slate roof as possible to keep the historic look of the home, but some roof supports had weakened, and slate can be expensive to replace. To determine the best course of action, we performed a thorough roof inspection, then discussed options with our Squirrel Hill client.

Because of our experience, the Evans Roofing and Gutters crew was able to preserve their slate roof by repairing parts of it to ensure that it provided maximum protection while preserving the classic look of a slate roof. Other parts of the roof, such as a dormer over a bay window, would need to be replaced. Because of our relationships with reputable roofing suppliers, we sourced GAF shingles that matched the look of the slate and replaced some roof parts.

The customer was overjoyed with their new roof and happy that their historic home would be protected for decades to come. If you need roof repair or replacement, contact Evans Roofing and Gutters, Squirrel Hill PA’s trusted roofers.

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