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Roof Replaced with GAF Shingle Roof in Canonsburg PA

Homeowners who are dealing with an old, leaking roof may think they can let it go a few more years, but there’s no reason to suffer from leaks and water damage in the home. One of the main reasons people put off getting a roof replacement is they’re not sure which is the best roofing company in their area.

Recently a Canonsburg PA homeowner was in this position and they Googled “most reputable moving company in my area.” Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc, Pittsburgh PA’s most reputable roofers, came right up because we’re transparent with all our roofing projects in the greater Pittsburgh PA area. They said they were impressed with all our five star reviews, so they gave us a call. We were happy to consult with them about their shingle roof and discuss roof replacement options with them. After a thorough consultation, they chose a high quality GAF architectural shingle that will protect their home for decades.

On the roofing project day, we removed all the old shingles and replaced them with the new GAF shingles that matched the look of the house perfectly and provided long-lasting protection. The roof installation included several different areas of the roof like a porch and addition. We also installed a ridge vent for superior moisture and heat exchange in the attic, which will help heating and cooling costs low in the home.

The customer loved their new roof. They were impressed that we got back to them so quickly and how well we communicated. To get this level of roofing service, contact us right away!

Roof Replacement Project Near Near Canonsburg PA

In Pittsburgh PA communities like Canonsburg, Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc is the roofing company with decades of experience and a dedication to their local homeowners. We’ve been helping local residential property owners protect their investments with quality roofing for years, and we’ve been able to improve neighborhoods all around the greater Pittsburgh area.

We recently were able to help a Canonsburg PA homeowner with a roof replacement after we’d put a new roof on his neighbor’s house. We know that happy clients are our best advertisement, and this roofing project proves that! Seeing his neighbor’s new roof, the homeowner knew that he should get his old, failing roof replaced with roofing that would offer more protection. His old roof was starting to show wear, had some missing shingles, and was at risk of leaking.

After a professional roof inspection and a consultation with the homeowner, we installed GAF-certified architectural shingles in a slate gray color that matched the exterior look of the home perfectly. Architectural shingles, also called dimensional shingles, are much thicker than traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles and offer superior protection with the look of traditional slate or wood shake roofing.

The homeowner was overjoyed with his new roof, and he’s happy to tell all his neighbors about how Evans Roofing and Gutters, Canonsburg PA’s trusted roofers, upgraded his home and increased his property values. He says we exceeded his expectations with every aspect of our work, from the communication we showed throughout the job to the quality of the roofing work, to the fact that we finished his roof in just one day! If you want to upgrade your Pittsburgh area home with a new roof, contact us right away.

Beautiful New Asphalt Shingled Roof Near Canonsburg PA

For homeowners looking to upgrade their old, leaky roofs in Canonsburg PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the trusted local roofing company with the most experience with roof replacements and roof material sourcing. We always use the most advanced roofing materials from dimensional shingles to flat roof coatings for each and every roofing job, making sure that our customers can enjoy their new roofs for decades with no worries.

Our client in Canonsburg PA had an old pitched roof on their home that was in pretty bad shape. The flashing by the chimney and around vents had failed, and there were leaks in more than one spot across the roof. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything we could do as far as roof repairs go; instead, they needed a full roof replacement.

After discussing the homeowner’s needs and preferences as well as the requirements of their roof design, we settled on GAF dimensional shingles with a lifetime warranty in a beautiful slate gray color. These shingles are layered to make them thicker than traditional 3-tab architectural shingles, providing more protection but also a luxury look to the new roof.

The Canonsburg PA client was very happy with the new roof and how it looked, matching the exterior look of his home perfectly. They were especially happy with how closely our roofing experts consulted with him, explaining the advantages of GAF dimensions shingles and being up front about every part of the roofing work.

For a beautiful new roof, contact Evans Roofing and Gutters, Canonsburg PA’s trusted roofers.

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