New Roof Replacement in Springdale PA

When your roof starts to develop leaks, it can be easy to ignore at first. Roof repairs may seem too expensive, or the roof damage doesn’t seem that bad. If there are no leaks inside the home, it might not even seem like there’s a problem. However, roof leaks will develop, and roof damage will only get worse over time. The sad fact is roof leaks and storm damage needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

A homeowner in Springdale PA found this out when they ignored some roof damage after a storm. Shifted shingles let water into the roof decking, which rotted out and opened up the home to water damage. Soon the roof was leaking so bad that they had to put a tarp on their house to keep out the water! They were desperate for someone to help but weren’t sure which roofing company to call.

In Springdale PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the most experienced and reputable roofing company. We’d done work on houses in the neighborhood, and one of our happy clients referred these homeowners to us. Our professional roofers got out to their houses quickly to assess the damage and find the right roofing solution.

This home needed a full roof replacement, and the homeowners chose GAF Timberline HDZ shingles, a high-quality roof shingle that will protect their home for years. We got out to the residential property quickly and installed a new shingle roof in one day! The customer loved how fast we were and how our roofers cleaned up after themselves.

If you need help with roof repair in Pittsburgh, contact us right away!

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