New Silicone Roofing for Flat Garage Roof in Pittsburgh PA

When homeowners need help with a flat roof in Pittsburgh PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc is the roofing company they call on because of our extensive experience with roof coating specifically designed for flat roof systems. Our roofers are trained in flat roofing repair and installation, and we use only the most advanced flat roofing materials such as silicone roof coatings.

Recently a homeowner in the Pittsburgh area called us about the flat roof on their garage which was leaking. They’d seen one of our mail advertisements and gave us a call. Because we’re dedicated to our local clients, we picked up the phone quickly and one of our trained roofing experts was able to discuss their flat roof repair needs. A roof inspection professional arrived at the residential property quickly to determine the source of their roof leaks. The rubber roofing system had suffered from wear and tear over time, and seams between the rubber roof membranes had separated, letting water through.

The best solution for this leaking flat roof was to apply a silicone coating over the entire roof that would flow into cracks in the rubber membranes and create a waterproof seal. After professionally cleaning the existing roofing so that the new roof coating would adhere, we spread high-quality silicone roofing over the entire area. After it cured, their garage roof was good as new!

Don’t wait for your flat roofing system to fail! Call Evans Roofing and Gutters today for a flat roof inspection and professional roof repair!

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