Box Gutter Repair and Installation

When you need a new box gutter system in Pittsburgh PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the home exterior and roofing company to call. We’re so experienced in gutters that it’s in our name! We pride ourselves in helping local homeowners in the Pittsburgh area protect their roofs and home exterior with box gutter installation and repair!

What Are Box Gutters?

Box gutters are a high-end type of gutter built into the edge of the roof, also called internal gutters. The traditional trough gutters that are made from aluminum are sufficient for many homes, but box gutters offer more protection because they can handle higher amounts of water runoff. Because they’re built into the roof, they can be sturdier, and better able to withstand heavy rains and high winds. A box gutter system is also low maintenance and easily repairable if necessary with high-end rubber roofing materials like Gaco silicone rubber roofing.

How We Inspect and Repair Box Gutters

We’ve performed these types of box gutter repairs on many Pittsburgh PA area homes, and our process generally looks like this. After determining that leaks are coming from the gutter system and not the roof, we apply Gaco silicone seam tape to all seams, cracks, holes, and eave tubes. This seals these vulnerable areas. Next, we apply GACO silicone rubber system to the entire box gutter system. Because these materials come in many colors, box gutters can also match any home exterior look.

Our Box Gutter Warranty

Evans Roofing and Gutters stands firmly behind our workmanship with a 15-year labor warranty.  The silicone system that we utilize from GACO is also backed by a 50-year manufacturer warranty.  If you are in need to Box Gutter repair or replacement be sure to ask about these warranties, not all contractors and manufacturers offer this peace of mind!

Evans Roofing and Gutters:  The Box Gutter experts of Pittsburgh PA

If you need gutter repairs in Pittsburgh PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the one to call! We’ll be responsive, and communicative, and get out to your property quickly for a roof and gutter inspection. Don’t wait for gutter damage to turn into roof damage! Call us right away.

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