Protecting Historic Charm in Pittsburgh, PA with GAF Shingle Roof Replacement

Who do owners of historic homes in Pittsburgh, PA, trust for their roofing? Evans Roofing is the local GAF Certified Roofer with the most experience with the large, complicated designs often found on older homes. A GAF shingle roof replacement is an excellent investment that adds decades of protection.

Recently, a Pittsburgh homeowner sought the company’s expertise for their sizable historic home with complexities like dormers and a steep pitch. With mold infestations and missing shingles plaguing their aging roof, prompt action was imperative. The homeowner was impressed with our quote for a GAF shingle roof replacement and booked immediately!

The project posed unique challenges, encompassing dormers, a bay window, a porch, and a series of steep peaks and valleys. Our skilled roofers navigated the complex design with finesse, ensuring a flawless GAF shingle installation. The homeowner was “happy with the look of the shingles and comforted knowing his home was protected for years to come.” Evans Roofing strives to provide this level of customer satisfaction and peace of mind with every roof replacement project we undertake.

Preserving Heritage: GAF Shingle Roof Replacements Protect Pittsburgh’s Historic Homes

Modern shingles from trusted manufacturers like GAF are superior to their predecessors, providing superior wind resistance, insulation, durability, granule retention, and mold resistance. Because of this, a roofing upgrade adds decades to the lifespan of historic homes. Not only does it protect interior structures, but it also preserves the elegance of exterior finishes, safeguarding the home’s rich heritage.

For those seeking to revitalize the exterior and protect the charm of their historic residences with GAF shingle roof replacements, Evans Roofing is the trusted choice.

Contact us today to safeguard your home’s heritage with beautiful new shingles.

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