Slate Roof Repair in Mt. Lebanon PA to Prevent Future Leaking

The experienced crew at Evans Roofing and Gutters loves helping local homeowners with all sorts of roofing repairs and maintenance, from composite shingles to tile and slate roofing. In fact, we can protect your home and prevent leaks on any kind of roof. Recently we got to help a Mt Lebanon PA homeowner with their slate roof, which had developed a leak after a storm. When searching for “the best roofers in Mt Lebanon PA,” Evans Roofing and Gutters came right up! They were in luck. We got a professional roof inspector out to their property right away to see what we could do.

This homeowner was smart to call a trusted local roofing company as soon as they noticed the leak because leaking roofs can cause water damage throughout the home. A leak in a roof can also weaken the roof supports, which can become a serious problem with heavier roofing materials like slate. If these PA homeowners had waited, they could have needed an expensive roof replacement.

Our roofers were able to find the source of the leak, which was the roof flashing, or metal pieces that connect the roof materials to structures like chimneys and vents. We repaired the flashing as well as replaced some broken slate roof tiles to fully repair their roof. The homeowners were very pleased with our quick, efficient roof repair services, and they were especially impressed with how well we communicated. They said: “We are so pleased with the customer service we received and want to say thank you. We will definitely be using them for all our roofing issues in the future.”

Contact Evans Roofing and Gutters, Mt Lebanon PA’s trusted roofers, for your roofing repair needs.

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