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Installed a Silicone Rubber Flat Roof in North Hills PA

Flat roofs are fast becoming a popular roofing style on residential as well as commercial buildings, and property owners with flat roofs need the help of the most reputable roofers in their area. Flat roofs have very specific requirements, and only an experienced roofer can help property owners protect their investments with the best roof coatings.

Homeowners in Pittsburgh area communities like North Hills PA have Evans Roofing and Gutters to help them protect their homes and businesses with the latest in flat roofing technology. One of the best ways to fix leaks and prevent future leaks on a flat roof is with silicone rubber roofing. The North Hills PA property owner was dealing with leaks in the flat roof, places where the roof coating had failed and cracks had formed.

We discussed our flat roofing options with the homeowner, going through what they needed from their flat roofing system. Some of the advantages offered by advanced flat roofing materials include low weight, seamless waterproofing, and protection against heat, fire, chemicals, and UV rays. They chose a rubber roofing material that’s colored white to offer even more protection against sunlight and temperature.

The professional roofers from Evans Roofing & Gutters were able to install this new white silicone rubber flat roofing right over the existing roofing. Because it goes on liquid and then cures, rubber roof coatings flow into all the nooks and crannies and creates a perfectly seamless waterproof seal.

Our North Hills PA client loved the look of their new flat roof! Contact us for a free roof inspection at your property!

New Roof Installation Near Bethel Park PA

Evans Roofing and Gutters, Bethel Park PA’s most experienced roofers, are happy to help our local homeowners get the best new roofing to protect their homes. According to a Bethel Park PA homeowner, finding “a roofing company to fit your budget is hectic. So many estimates and so many times we heard from our insurance that’s it’s way too expensive.”

But then they found Evans Roofing & Gutters. We’ve been performing roofing services like installations and roof repair in the greater Pittsburgh PA area for decades, so we have the local experience to be able to tackle any roof design with roofing materials that are best for local weather and local homeowners’ budgets. The homeowner was pleased with us from the very first phone call because at Evans Roofing & Gutters, we place a high value on communication and customer service.

The Evans crew got out to the home right away for a thorough roof inspection and consultation with the homeowner. They chose beautiful GAF dimensional shingles that give the home a high-end look like slate roofing tiles. Next, our experienced roofers went to the house early in the morning and got the dimensional shingles installed in two days with quick and efficient work. The customer was especially impressed with our cleanup, and thought it was amazing how good their property looked without any roofing nails or debris laying around.

The homeowner even said that they “had our first major rainstorm last night and it was nice to have that piece of mind that our roof was done and done great. I would recommend Evans Roofing for any roofing job, hands down!” For this level of satisfaction, contact Evans Roofing and Gutters, Bethel Park PA’s trusted roofers.

Roof Replacement Project Near Near Canonsburg PA

In Pittsburgh PA communities like Canonsburg, Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc is the roofing company with decades of experience and a dedication to their local homeowners. We’ve been helping local residential property owners protect their investments with quality roofing for years, and we’ve been able to improve neighborhoods all around the greater Pittsburgh area.

We recently were able to help a Canonsburg PA homeowner with a roof replacement after we’d put a new roof on his neighbor’s house. We know that happy clients are our best advertisement, and this roofing project proves that! Seeing his neighbor’s new roof, the homeowner knew that he should get his old, failing roof replaced with roofing that would offer more protection. His old roof was starting to show wear, had some missing shingles, and was at risk of leaking.

After a professional roof inspection and a consultation with the homeowner, we installed GAF-certified architectural shingles in a slate gray color that matched the exterior look of the home perfectly. Architectural shingles, also called dimensional shingles, are much thicker than traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles and offer superior protection with the look of traditional slate or wood shake roofing.

The homeowner was overjoyed with his new roof, and he’s happy to tell all his neighbors about how Evans Roofing and Gutters, Canonsburg PA’s trusted roofers, upgraded his home and increased his property values. He says we exceeded his expectations with every aspect of our work, from the communication we showed throughout the job to the quality of the roofing work, to the fact that we finished his roof in just one day! If you want to upgrade your Pittsburgh area home with a new roof, contact us right away.

Four Roofing Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask

Planning to get a new home? Buying a house can be tricky because if you pick one solely on looks you might end up having to pay for repairs because of a few unexpected problems you may have missed during the inspection—especially when it comes to the roof. As one of the leading flat roofing contractors in the area, we’re here to give you a rundown on four important questions to ask before buying a home.

1. How Old Is the Roof?

A roof’s age is directly proportional to the chances of roofing problems showing up. This is because years of wear and tear can weaken the roofing material, making them more vulnerable to the harsh elements. If the roof’s age is more than half of its expected lifespan, you should consider picking a different home.

2. How Is Ventilation?

A roof’s ventilation plays an important role in keeping it safe from damage. Roof inspection experts say that a roof should have enough ventilation to air out the space directly under the roof deck in order to prevent condensation that can lead to rust and rot.

3. Are the Gutters In Good Condition

The gutter isn’t really a part of the roof, but it still plays a big role in preventing roof-related problems. A gutter free of leaks and clogs will safely drain water runoff away from the home and prevent the roof’s fascia from getting penetrated by moisture.

4. Who Installed the Roof?

Knowing who put the roof up in the first place is important for two reasons. First, it tells you if the roof was constructed by a team of well-trained professionals and that it’s less likely to have installation-related issues. Second, it can also act as a referral so you know who to call when you need a roof repair specialist.

Need to know more about residential roofing? Get in touch with us. Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. is the leading roof repair contractor in the area. Call us at (412) 200-5331 or fill out this contact form to request a quote.

Why Choose a Slate Roof?

As far as residential roofing contractors are concerned, slate is one of the most high-end roofing materials available today. Featuring a stone composition, slate is resistant to almost all issues that plague other comparable materials, easily making it one of the longest-lasting residential roofing systems. Additionally, its natural stone texture adds an elegant aesthetic to any home.

Despite its many merits, slate is not without its limitations and disadvantages. Understanding these points should help you determine if slate is suitable material for your roof. Read on as Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. shares a few tips about slate roof replacement and what you can expect from it.

It Takes a Professional

Slate is a highly specialized material that requires unique installation steps that only certified roofers have the skills to properly execute. Entrusting your work to a roof repair company with no prior experience working with slate can result in poor workmanship and, ultimately, end up costing you more in the long run.

It Will Last a Generation

The average slate roof can easily last for up to 100 to 125 years before needing replacement. Unscrupulous roofers might recommend replacing a slate roof for minor damage that hasn’t even put a dent on its estimated life span. There are extraordinary circumstances that can require a premature slate roof replacement but these are extreme cases and they do not happen frequently.

It’s Not Just Slate

Much like any other material, slate requires regular roof inspection and maintenance to keep it in good shape for as long as possible. Checkups are recommended at least once every three years and should include a thorough inspection of every part of the roofing system, including the joists, decking, gutters and other support structures.

Enjoy the many benefits of professionally installed slate roofing at Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. Give us a call at (412) 200-5331 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation visit and get a free estimate on slate roof replacements today.

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