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Installed a New Silicone Rubber Roof System in Shadyside PA

In the greater Pittsburgh area, Evans Roofing and Gutters are the trusted roofing company for all kinds of clients from private homeowners to commercial property owners. Recently we were contacted a Shadyside PA property management company about the roof on one of their apartment buildings. They use us for all their roofing projects because they trust that we’ll install a new roof with the best roofing materials in the quickest amount of time, as well as within their budget!

The flat roof on this apartment building was leaking, and so we installed a new silicone rubber roof system. A rubber roof coating system involves applying a single layer of specialized silicone roofing over the existing roof substrate, which are commonly BUR or other roofing membranes. Rubber roofing is recommended for flat roofs because it can completely seal every inch, while also providing extra insulation and solar protection, keeping energy costs low for the tenants.

To install this rubber roofing, our professional roofers first pressure washed the flat roof of any debris, used silicone seam tape to seal all seams and drains, and then applied the rubber roof coating to the entire area. Our professional roofing contractors were also able to finish before the deadline and under budget.

Our Shadyside PA property manager was overjoyed with the new roof, not only the way it looks but also how it stopped those roof leaks! They knew that the professionals at Evans Roofing and Gutters would install the best flat roof rubber roofing system that will last for years.

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What Usually Causes Punctures in a Rubber Roof Membrane?

Your roof does not only contribute to the exterior appearance of your commercial property. It is also one of the most significant investments you will make for your business. This component is also essential in protecting your important equipment and your building’s occupants.

One of the most common problems rubber roof membranes experience is punctures. Find out what typically causes this issue from one of the area’s leading flat roofing contractors.

What Are the Common Reasons Roof Punctures Occur?

Foot Traffic

Another common cause of rubber roof membrane punctures is foot traffic. People constantly walking on the roof can put a strain on the material, resulting in various issues. Moreover, if you are having something installed on your roofs, such as satellite dishes and HVAC equipment, punctures can develop when someone accidentally drops a tool. Sometimes, even painters can create punctures on your roof.

Storm-Related Debris

During storms, debris can land on your roof and even tree limbs, causing severe damage. Windborne debris can puncture your roof, which can lead to leaks. After a weather event, make sure to get a roof inspection from a professional. Doing so allows you to detect and address problems while they are minor.

How Do You Avoid Roof Punctures?

When it comes to jobs involving your roof, make sure to hire professionals who know how to walk on it without causing damage. Only working with trained and experienced companies when using heavy equipment on your rooftop. Moreover, you should let your maintenance personnel know how to avoid roof damage and what they can do instead of an accident.

It would also help to install walkway pads on parts of the roof where that gets the most foot traffic and around mechanical equipment. Trim trees near your building to keep windborne debris from ending up on your roof.

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