The Biggest Roofing No-No’s

Roofing projects are inherently complicated, but you can expect experienced, qualified sloped and flat roofing contractors to avoid common pitfalls that an amateur or DIY enthusiast might make. Here is a rundown of the biggest mistakes that any roofer worth their salt will make sure to avoid.

Ignoring Local Building Codes

Perhaps one of the most common mistakes of uncertified or inexperienced roofing contractors is overlooking the fine print of local building codes. For example, some local building codes state that tile roofs must have two layers of underlayment instead of one. Failure to adhere to this rule could cause serious problems for the client’s property in the long run.

Not Adhering to Manufacturer Specifications

In order to function perfectly, roofing products have to be installed according to manufacturer’s specifications. Unfortunately, some roofers cut corners to save time or money, ignoring certain specifications. A reliable roofer will never cut corners; they’ll install your roof exactly by the book because that’s the only way to ensure it will perform as expected. Once the installation is done they’ll conduct a thorough roof inspection to make sure everything was done properly.

Spacing the Trusses Too Far Apart

The roof’s trusses bear the load of the roofing material and underlayment so they have to be spaced correctly. Mistakes with calculation or bad judgment calls can result in trusses being too few and far apart, risking the roof’s structural integrity. A good roofer will triple check to make sure the trusses are properly installed. This is especially important for heavier roofing materials like clay and tile roofing.

Lapping the Underlayment and Flashing Wrong

Some roofers could inadvertently get the order of lapping reversed. Water passing over the edge of the flashing can seep into the underlayment, and then into the more vulnerable parts of the roof. Good roof repair and replacement experts make sure that the underlayment goes over the edge of the flashing, especially in areas around roof penetrations.

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