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Pressure Wash Roof and Silicone Rubber Roof Installation in Munhall PA

Flat roofs are gaining in popularity in residential homes in the Pittsburgh PA area. Recently in Munhall PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters helped a homeowner protect their family with repairs and reroofing on their flat roof system. Roofs with very little or no slope are called flat, and they’re usually installed on commercial buildings so that workers can walk on the roof. On homes, they can save money by keeping heating and cooling costs low. With the proper roofing materials, low-slope roofs can be just as watertight as pitched roofs.

Our PA homeowner was worried about this. Their flat roof had leaked in the past, and even though it wasn’t currently leaking, they wanted to protect it in the future. So after asking their neighbors who were the best roofing company for reroofing in Munhall PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters was the one they called! We got out to the property right away and helped design a new flat roofing system to keep his energy costs low and his roof waterproof for years.

First, we performed a thorough pressure wash on the roof so we could install a new Gaco silicone roof system to the entire roof. We also applied seam tape to all roofing seams, drains, pipes, and extrusions on the entire roof. Finally, our conscientious roofers hauled away all the debris and did a thorough cleanup of the property.

Our flat roof client loved how the roof looks, and they were particularly impressed with the longevity of the roofing system. They also loved the 15-year warranty on labor and the 50-year manufacturer’s warranty on their new flat roof!

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Installed a New EPDM Roof in Pittsburgh PA

When a Pittsburgh PA homeowner needed a flat roofing material for their new porch, they weren’t sure who to call. They went to the internet and searched for “the best roofers for flat roofs in Pittsburgh PA”, Evans Roofing and Gutters was the first result! We were all too happy to accommodate the homeowner with their new roof.

Our new client was confused about what they needed. The main part of their house had a sloped roof with roofing tiles installed, but they needed help with a porch area that had a flat roof. Because they’re more often used on commercial buildings, residential homeowners may not be aware of how flat roofs work and what kind of roofing materials are needed to keep a flat roof waterproof. Luckily, Evans Roofing and Gutters has experience with flat roofs!

The porch roof was leaking and holding onto water, which can be a problem with flat roofs. After performing a through inspection of the roof to determine the best way to proceed. That ended up being an EPDM rubber roofing membrane. These flat roofing membranes provide a seamless waterproof seal that is impact resistant and durable. The homeowner loved their new waterproof porch roof, but they really liked our friendly service!

In Pittsburgh PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the trusted roofing company for all sorts of roof types from gabled roofs to flat roofs. Our owner has over 25 years of experience in the roofing industry, and over that time, he’s encountered all kinds of roofs. If you need new roofing, no matter what type, contact us for a consultation. Our roofing experts have you covered!


Silicone System Applied to a Flat Rubber Roof in Pittsburgh PA

The roofing company in Pittsburgh PA with the most flat roofing experience is Evans Roofing and Gutters, hands down. Pittsburgh homeowners with flat roofs may not know this, and they can worry about who to call when their flat roofs develop leaks.

A Pittsburgh homeowner recently had this problem, and went to the internet to find the best roofing company for flat roofs in Pittsburgh PA. Evans Roofing and Gutters was the result, and we got out to her home quickly for a thorough roof inspection. We discovered that the seams on her rubber roofing panels were starting to separate, and it was going to eventually cause issues like leaking and damage inside the home.

To prevent flat roof issues from developing, we applied silicone seam tape on all of the roofing membrane seams, as well as the cracks, vents, and pipes. Next, we went over top of the existing flat roofing system with Gaco silicone roof coating. This coating is a state of the art material designed to flow into all the little cracks and gaps in flat roofing to provide a seamless waterproof layer. They also chose a white silicone roof coating so that it would reflect sunlight and help insulate the home.

Our new Pittsburgh client was happy with the quality of our work, and she was especially pleased with how we answered all her questions about her flat roofing options. If you need to upgrade your flat roof, don’t wait! Call Evans Roofing and Gutters, Pittsburgh PA’s most reputable roofers, right away!

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New EPDM Flat Roof Installation in North Hills PA

While flat roofs are most commonly found on commercial buildings, they can also be advantageous for residential homes. A homeowner in North Hills PA was having problems with their flat roof, and they were at a loss for who to call. A quick Google search for “the best roofing company for flat roofs in North Hills PA” came back with Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. They gave us a call, and we were happy to provide a thorough roof inspection to discover the source of their flat roof leaks.

The North Hills PA flat roof was old and leaking, which was causing damage inside the home. The experienced Evans Roofing crew were able to remove some of the damaged roof decking and safely dispose of it, and then we replaced the rotted wood with brand new roof decking that better strengthen and seal the roof from any further damage. Next, we installed a new EPDM rubber roof coating to protect the entire surface. This kind of roofing membrane is installed in large sheets that are heat-welded together for seamless protection. EPDM is a great flat roof membrane because it completely seals the roof while being lightweight and easy to install.

The most reputable flat roof professionals in the greater Pittsburgh PA area, Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc, are proud to help customers in communities like North Hills PA with their roofing needs, whether a traditional asphalt shingle roof or a flat roof. Contact us today for help with your flat roof!

Installed a New Silicone Rubber Roof System in Shadyside PA

In the greater Pittsburgh area, Evans Roofing and Gutters are the trusted roofing company for all kinds of clients from private homeowners to commercial property owners. Recently we were contacted a Shadyside PA property management company about the roof on one of their apartment buildings. They use us for all their roofing projects because they trust that we’ll install a new roof with the best roofing materials in the quickest amount of time, as well as within their budget!

The flat roof on this apartment building was leaking, and so we installed a new silicone rubber roof system. A rubber roof coating system involves applying a single layer of specialized silicone roofing over the existing roof substrate, which are commonly BUR or other roofing membranes. Rubber roofing is recommended for flat roofs because it can completely seal every inch, while also providing extra insulation and solar protection, keeping energy costs low for the tenants.

To install this rubber roofing, our professional roofers first pressure washed the flat roof of any debris, used silicone seam tape to seal all seams and drains, and then applied the rubber roof coating to the entire area. Our professional roofing contractors were also able to finish before the deadline and under budget.

Our Shadyside PA property manager was overjoyed with the new roof, not only the way it looks but also how it stopped those roof leaks! They knew that the professionals at Evans Roofing and Gutters would install the best flat roof rubber roofing system that will last for years.

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