A Day in the Life of a Roofing Contractor

Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. brings decades of experience to your residential or commercial roofing needs. As one of the top sloped and flat roofing contractors in the area, we take pride in the longevity and expertise of our professionals. They possess the necessary skills, maintain a certain level of endurance, and have the intestinal fortitude to work at certain heights. Because of the tough job they tackle each day, we consider them our most important asset.

Today, we take a closer look at the typical day of a local roofing contractor like us.

Handling Roofing Projects

The amount of roofing work we do depends on the time of year. Spring and summer are considered the busiest, and as such, we get to handle a lot of roofing projects during this period. The workload dwindles by the time the colder months arrive. Despite this, we can still take up our clients’ roofing projects, albeit much quicker and faster.

On a typical day, our roofing pros lay down new roofs or repair existing ones, making sure we meet our clients’ needs as required within their timeline. If a project involves installing a new roof, we see to it that we first perform a roof inspection before we proceed. By checking and identifying problems within your current roof, we can pick the best roofing materials and components while taking the roof type and pitch into account.

From there, we start tearing off the old roofing materials, making sure we check the decking for any signs of moisture damage before we perform the actual installation. Our roofers cover the top of your home with your chosen roofing material, sealing the areas where moisture may penetrate with flashings. We see to it that the entire system is properly vented and insulated.

Meeting Your Roofing Needs

In addition to roof repair and replacement, our crews provide other services that will help keep your roof performing its best. These include roof maintenance and the application of roof coatings in commercial roofing projects.

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