Comparing the Different Types of Roof Vents

Your preferred roofing material should not be the only focus when it comes to having a new roof installed. Choosing which vents to use must also be considered, among other things. In this blog, tile roof repair contractor Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. takes a closer look at some of the different types of vents used in roofing systems.

Soffit Vents

These are some of the most common intake vents used in residential roofing systems. They’re found under the roof’s overhang called the soffit, thus the name. Soffit vents are characterized by slits or perforations that allow the roof to draw cool, fresh air into the attic and facilitate proper ventilation. They come in a variety of profiles and styles and are usually made of aluminum or vinyl.

Ridge Vents

These are installed together with the soffit vents to ensure effective and efficient ventilation. They’re located on the top part of the roof where the two slopes meet, hidden in plain sight and often camouflaged by special shingles. In addition to letting hot, moist air escape from the attic, this type of ventilation doesn’t disrupt the roofline. During roofing and gutter installation, the pros leave a gap in the roof decking along the ridge before covering it with a perforated vent.

Static Vents

These types of exhaust vents protrude from the roofline, thanks to their covering that protects against rain, sleet, hail, and snow from entering the attic. A typical example of a static vent is the turbine vent, which utilizes wind to power the fan that encloses it. A light breeze will rotate the blades until the hot, moist attic air gets sucked out.

Gable Vents

These types of vents are located on the side of the house within the gable’s peak. They can be round, triangular, or rectangular depending on the structure’s architectural style and can be painted to match the exterior elements like the siding or trim. Gable vents can either serve as intake or exhaust vents depending on the direction of the wind.

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