Commercial Flat Roof Coating Fixes Leaks in Pittsburgh, PA

At Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc., we take pride in delivering top-notch flat roofing solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients in Pittsburgh, PA. We recently assisted a commercial property owner facing severe leaks in their flat roof system. Recognizing the situation’s urgency, they contacted us after receiving our mailing advertising our commercial services.

The challenge was evident: a commercial flat roof with failing seams, causing persistent leaks. While such leaking issues can be daunting for business owners, Evans specializes in practical solutions for Pennsylvania commercial properties like this one and residential homes with this sort of low-slope design.

Protect Your Business: Silicone Roofing Installation by Evans in Pittsburgh, PA

flat roof

Our skilled contractors swiftly assessed the situation and recommended a silicone roofing installation for a durable, long-term solution. The commercial repair process involved spraying the silicone roof coating onto the existing surface, creating a seamless barrier against water intrusion without adding weight. Once applied, the silicone coating was left to cure, ensuring a robust and waterproof seal.

Silicone roofing offers numerous benefits for flat roofs, making it an ideal choice for commercial properties. Its seamless application eliminates the risk of leaks at vulnerable seams, providing unmatched protection against water damage. Additionally, coatings are highly durable and capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and UV exposure, thus extending the lifespan of the whole structure. Usually white or light colored, these flat roof coatings also reflect heat and sunlight, lowering energy costs.

Don’t Let Leaks Dampen Your Business! Call Evans Roofing & Gutters Inc. Today for Expert Silicone Roofing Solutions for Flat Roofs in Pittsburgh, PA

The Evans team is ready to provide reliable and effective solutions for property owners grappling with flat roof leaks. We’ve worked on low-slope architectural designs on both businesses and residential homes, so we can help you protect your unique building!

Don’t let roof leaks jeopardize your business operations—contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference silicone roof coatings can make for your commercial property.

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