Flat Roof Repair and New Silicone Coating in Upper St Clair PA

If you’re looking for the best flat roof repair services in Upper St Clair PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters are the ones to call, at least according to a local homeowner who had dangerous leaks in her residential flat roof. This type of roofing, long used on commercial buildings, is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes, and residential roofing companies don’t always know the right ways to seal and protect flat roofing systems.

Evans Roofing and Gutters, Upper St Clair PA’s most experienced roofers, have performed flat roofing repair for commercial clients and residential homeowners all over the Pittsburgh PA area for years, so can consult closely with homeowners to help them understand exactly what flat roof coatings and roof repair services are best for their situation.

The Upper St Clair PA flat roof needed to be sealed to prevent further leaks, and the homeowner couldn’t afford a whole roof replacement. Luckily, flat roof coatings, like the silicone rubber roofing sealant that we used, can be applied right over existing flat roof systems, and they will seal over any cracks to create a new layer of seamless protection from moisture and temperature.

We installed silicone tape on all roof seams and holes, and then applied a complete silicone coating system on the entire rubber roof. The customer loved our work, saying that the Evans Roofing & Gutters team “did an awesome job! They were respectful and friendly, conscientious and hard working, and very responsive to my needs and requests.”

Need to revitalize your flat roof? Contact Evans Roofing and Gutters, Upper St Clair PA’s trusted roofers!

flat rubber roof coating Upper St Clair

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