Silicone Roofing Saves Pittsburgh, PA Flat Roof

In the vibrant streets of Pittsburgh, PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters Inc. is the company most businesses with flat roofs go to for leak repairs, but residential property owners should call them for leak repair and more. We’re proud to serve Pennsylvania landlords with multifamily properties! We’re the local flat roof experts, offering advanced materials like silicone roofing.

Evans Roofing & Gutters Inc: Silicone Roofing Project for Pittsburgh Duplex Owner

silicone roofingRecently, we had the privilege of assisting a local duplex landlord with a worrisome problem: their tenants were complaining about roof leaks! At the property, they realized that their flat roof system was failing in several places. Sadly, this design is prone to leaks if not properly sealed. Luckily, they had Evans Roofing and Gutters on their side. We sent a roofer out to inspect the property, and they quickly identified the root cause—pooling water—a common nuisance with this design. The solution? A revolutionary silicone roof coating material is heralding a new dawn for flat roof aficionados.

We started the restoration by eliminating pooling water. Next, we thoroughly cleaned the surface, preparing the canvas for the paint. Finally, we installed the silicone roof coating, expertly applied while still moist, heralding the genesis of a lightweight yet impregnable waterproof shield. As the coating cured, reassurance permeated the air, knowing that durability and resilience now adorned the once-vulnerable roofscape.

But why choose silicone roofing for flat roofs? Beyond its unrivaled waterproofing, silicone roof coatings are durable and long-lasting, offering a shield against the relentless sun and pouring rains. The liquid material can flow into every nook and cranny to seal over any place where water could get through to the underlying structure. These coatings can also be applied over other systems for weightless waterproofing. The reflective properties of white coatings fight heat absorption, fostering energy efficiency—a boon for both the environment and your pocket.

Protect Your Property Today: Call Evans for Expert Silicone Roofing Solutions in Pittsburgh, PA

At Evans, we’re all locals, so we’re happy to improve the lives of landlords and tenants. As the proud guardians of Pittsburgh’s skyline, we invite local property owners to discover the benefits of our advanced materials from TPO and EPDM membranes to silicone roof coatings. With our roof repairs, local landlords get peace of mind at a reasonable cost.

Contact us today and witness firsthand the transformative power of superior flat roofing solutions!

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