Four Roofing Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask

Planning to get a new home? Buying a house can be tricky because if you pick one solely on looks you might end up having to pay for repairs because of a few unexpected problems you may have missed during the inspection—especially when it comes to the roof. As one of the leading flat roofing contractors in the area, we’re here to give you a rundown on four important questions to ask before buying a home.

1. How Old Is the Roof?

A roof’s age is directly proportional to the chances of roofing problems showing up. This is because years of wear and tear can weaken the roofing material, making them more vulnerable to the harsh elements. If the roof’s age is more than half of its expected lifespan, you should consider picking a different home.

2. How Is Ventilation?

A roof’s ventilation plays an important role in keeping it safe from damage. Roof inspection experts say that a roof should have enough ventilation to air out the space directly under the roof deck in order to prevent condensation that can lead to rust and rot.

3. Are the Gutters In Good Condition

The gutter isn’t really a part of the roof, but it still plays a big role in preventing roof-related problems. A gutter free of leaks and clogs will safely drain water runoff away from the home and prevent the roof’s fascia from getting penetrated by moisture.

4. Who Installed the Roof?

Knowing who put the roof up in the first place is important for two reasons. First, it tells you if the roof was constructed by a team of well-trained professionals and that it’s less likely to have installation-related issues. Second, it can also act as a referral so you know who to call when you need a roof repair specialist.

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