Replacement of Tile Porch Roofing in Pittsburgh PA

Tile roofing is one of the most elegant roofing materials available to homeowners, but not every roofing company can handle this kind of exclusive roof material. In Pittsburgh PA, Evans Roofing and Gutters is the roofing company that has the most experience with the widest variety of roofing materials, including high-end materials like tile, slate, and metal roofing panels. Not only can we install tile roofs, but we can also perform repairs with roof tiles that match your existing tiles.

Recently, a homeowner with a tile roof in Pittsburgh PA expanded their home, adding a porch. They needed to roof their porch and wanted it to match the rest of the house. While this may sound like an easy job for professional roofers, tiles can be hard to match, as many of them are historic or unique and they can be attached to the roof decking in a variety of ways. This is where the expertise of the Evans Roofing and Gutters contractors comes into play.

Not only were we able to source matching roofing tiles, but we installed them on the porch roof in record time. Our roofers are always efficient and quick at roof installations while also being respectful of your property. The homeowner loved the new tile roof on their porch, but they really loved how the tiles matched their existing roof.

Evans Roofing is the trusted roofer in Pittsburgh for tile roofs, metal roofs, flat roofs, and more! If your commercial building or residential home needs a new roof that’s beautiful as well as functional, call us right away!

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